MVG 与 AR 强强联手打造最卓越的EMC全套解决方案

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MVG and Amplifier Research (AR) recognise that at times clients need more than just individual EMC products to support them with their product testing.  They need a trusted advisor they can work with to understand their testing goals and deliver them with quality EMC turnkey solutions to ensure final compliance and a reliable product.  For this reason, MVG and AR have teamed up to combine their expertise and product portfolio to offer you more.

So what makes us different? Experts in our fields, we don't just supply the products, we also manufacturer them.  This means no outsourcing to 3rd party suppliers for major individual components, just one point of contact for everything you need to support your end-to-end EMC testing.  We offer everything from high power RF EMC amplifiers, antennas, software and accessories, to shielded anechoic chambers, shielded rooms and absorber products that enable testing of large Units Under Test (UUT) for automobile, aerospace and military applications.   

Added to that, we offer a worldwide service and support network, so no matter where you’re located, we can collaborate with you.