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TriQuint和安捷伦科技有限公司宣布了共同努力构建下一代射频解决方案的合作结果。这项合作包括采用安捷伦先进设计系统2011 EDA软件的支持增强TriQuint工艺设计套件以及针对TriQuint RFIC/MMIC和射频模块集成设计流程的ADS射频模块PDK的开发。ADS代工PDK的升级使TriQuint代工用户和独立设计工程师能够从ADS 2011中获得新的功能。特别的是,PDK提供了一个完整的前端到后端的产品设计流程用以可定制的DRC和LVS解决方案。ADS 2011提供给设计工程师一整套的EDA软件,主要针对图形捕捉、仿真、布局和布局验证。

Work Leads to Enhanced PDKs, Integrated RFIC/MMIC and RF Module Design Flows and Development of RF Module PDK

HILLSBORO, Ore., and SANTA CLARA, Calif., – May 18, 2011 – TriQuint Semiconductor (NASDAQ: TQNT) and Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced results for building next-generation RF solutions. This includes enhanced TriQuint process design kits with support for Agilent's Advanced Design System 2011 EDA software and the development of an ADS RF Module PDK for TriQuint's RFIC/MMIC and RF Module integrated design flow.

The upgraded ADS Foundry PDKs enable both TriQuint's foundry customers and in-house design engineers to take advantage of new capabilities in ADS 2011. Specifically, the PDKs provide a fully integrated front-to-back product design flow with customized DRC and LVS solutions. This offers the design engineer a unified suite of EDA software for schematic capture, simulation, layout, and layout verification.

"We have upgraded our PDKs utilizing the new ADS 2011 capabilities in order to provide continued superior design support for our mutual customers and to our in-house product designers," said Glen Riley, vice president of TriQuint's Commercial Foundry Business Unit.

TriQuint has also expanded ADS deployment for an integrated RF Module design flow. Further collaboration between the companies led to the validation and deployment of an ADS RF Module PDK within TriQuint that integrates multi-technology IC and RF Module layout features, providing a complete electrical and physical RF Module design flow. The integrated module design flow removes design translation errors, shortens product development cycle times and enables design optimization for module product manufacturing yield, thus reducing overall engineering and development expenses.

"We are very pleased to announce these new developments in our collaboration with TriQuint," said Mark Pierpoint, vice president of Agilent EEsof EDA. "Our best engineers have been working together, and the improved productivity and ability to optimize today's complex MMIC/RFIC module design flow is exactly what we had hoped to achieve when we started the development of ADS 2011. It is great to see both TriQuint and their customers benefit from our joint engineering investments."

About Advanced Design System

The leading electronic design automation software for RF, microwave and signal integrity applications, ADS pioneers the most innovative and commercially successful technologies, such as X-parameters* and 3-D electromagnetic simulators. ADS 2011 addresses the most challenging design complexity and integration needs of leading-edge commercial wireless and aerospace/defense companies, by enabling them to design multi-technology RF system-in-package modules and perform complex electromagnetic simulations -all with greater ease and speed. More information is available at

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Agilent EEsof EDA is the leading supplier of electronic design automation software for microwave, RF, high-frequency, high-speed digital, RF system, electronic system level, circuit, 3-D electromagnetic, physical design and device-modeling applications. More information is available at

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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, electronics and communications. The company's 18,500 employees serve customers in more than 100 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $5.4 billion in fiscal 2010. Information about Agilent is available at

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Founded in 1985, TriQuint Semiconductor is a leading global provider of innovative RF solutions and foundry services for the world's top communications, defense and aerospace companies. People and organizations around the world need real-time, all-the-time connections; TriQuint products help reduce the cost and increase the performance of connected mobile devices and the networks that deliver critical voice, data and video communications. With the industry's broadest technology portfolio, recognized R&D leadership, and expertise in high-volume manufacturing, TriQuint creates standard and custom products using gallium arsenide, gallium nitride, surface acoustic wave and bulk acoustic wave technologies. The company has ISO9001-certified manufacturing facilities in the U.S., production in Costa Rica, and design centers in North America and Germany.

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